If windows and doors are to be stored before fitting, ensure they are stored upright and undercover, avoiding any water penetration.

If a factory finish has not been applied to the windows, at least one base coat of stain or paint must be applied before installation. (This applies to all edges of sash and frame).


Place window in opening on packers at maximum 1200mm centres. A packer must be placed at each end and under any mullions. Place packer behind each fixing point (1No. 100mm from top and 1No. 100mm from bottom and at centres no more than 1000mm) on the vertical frames. Side frames must be straight.

All windows must be level.

On deadlights the packers must be placed 100mm from the outside of the frame.

Windows wider than 1800mm and windows with multiple sashes must have a fixing to the frame head of each sash. Never fix through the vent slot.

Before the window is firmly fixed ensure the sash is centred within the frame.



After final fitting and also prior to hand over check the window operates correctly. Fully reversing windows should reverse smoothly and lock in the cleaning position.



If foam is used to seal around windows, the frame must be braced.  Use the correct quantity of foam. Use foam within the recommended temperature range. Always follow the manfacturer’s guidelines.





Ensure the surface the door is to be placed upon is level and flat.



Place packer behind fixing points above top hinge, below bottom hinge and in the centre of the doorframe. If an extra fixing is required, this should be placed above the middle hinge. Place packer behind fixing points, 100mm from top, 100mm from bottom and above or below the lock keep.

N.B. Doorjambs must be straight and plumb.


To the head of the doors the margin must be even or slightly smaller at locking side.



Before the door is firmly fixed ensure that the margins are even down hinge and locking side.




After final fixing and prior to hand over to the client ensure that doors open and close freely, locks, handles, espagnollette, stays and shootbolts are in good working order.

For correct fitting of french door handle please refer to separate fitting instructions.


If foam is used to seal around doors, the frame must be braced. Also the correct quantity used and the correct temperature in accordance with manufacturers instructions.


Broxwood Windows & Doors Ltd reserve the right to void our guarantee if the products are not fitted and maintained in accordance with Broxwood’s instructions.


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