Timber or Alu-clad

All Broxwood Windows and Doors are manufactured from a choice of high quality timbers using wood from sustainable sources. For added weather protection we also offer Aluminium Cladding referred to as Alu-clad.

Why choose timber windows and doors?

When you choose timber windows and doors you are making a sound choice for the environment. Sourced from managed forests, timber used in Broxwood products is an environmentally friendly, thermally efficient, good looking and low maintenance material.

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere which remains locked in to the wood in our products. Meanwhile CO2 continues to be absorbed by the tree planted in the space where the tree came from to make your products.

Beyond the environmental argument wood is simply beautiful. Broxwood products are manufactured to a high standard and so you can regard your windows and doors as you would a piece of furniture in your home. And unlike the alternative of PVC windows and doors, timber can be varnished or painted to any RAL or NCS colour.

For more about the argument for timber windows, read our MD’s blog post – Why Choose Timber Windows

Alu-clad just where it’s needed most!

To combat the effects of bad weather many of Broxwood’s timber windows are fitted with optional matching aluminium lower glazing beads and drip seals. These are the areas where water is more likely to sit and so the addition of the beads and seals help to extend the unit’s lifespan.LEFT – Timber window section fitted with an aluminium glazing bead and drip seal which can be colour matched to the frame.
RIGHT – alu-clad window section.

Why choose alu-clad timber windows and doors?

Not to be confused with aluminium windows and doors, aluminium cladding is an addition to the external side of a timber window or door.

Alu-clad is a great low-maintenance option and is often used for commercial settings or for residential applications such as apartment blocks. Increasingly alu-clad is being specified to complement modern design styles and also to provide increased protection against the UK’s climate extremes.

Internally alu-clad windows and doors can be finished with natural stains and varnishes or painted to any RAL or NCS colour. Externally, alu-clad is powder coated in any RAL or NCS colour to provide a truly resilient, low maintenance finish. The timber behind the cladding is also fully factory finished for extended protection and longevity.

Ultimately alu-clad products look great, need little maintenance and often translate into lower lifetime costs.

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Broxwood’s passive house standard timber windows and doors provided the perfect solution for Findhorn’s ecovillage development. Read the Findhorn case study