Independent Approach Makes it in Manchester

Broxwood’s independent approach proved to be a winner in one of Manchester’s largest redevelopment projects. The relationship lead to a £1.1m deal and the supply of more than 2,225 timber windows and doors.

Broxwood were originally invited to price for Phase 1 of the project, a contract of some 600 windows for a block of 104 apartments, but when Broxwood got involved in the project they proposed a top hung, double glazed, argon filled window in laminated redwood with a paint finish, which met building regulations more easily and would be more cost effective.

The proposal met with the client’s approval and Broxwood landed a deal to supply windows and doors for 3 blocks on the development.

Key to Broxwood’s success on this project was their ability to be sufficiently flexible and customer focused in their processes and to be able to respond to the variations in build programmes which can arise. This was clearly the case in Manchester and all deliveries were made on time.

Non standard specifications

Some of the standards and requirements on this project proved anything but ‘standard.’ For example, some of the patio and French doors which Broxwood also supplied were a very non-standard 2.3m.  And because of special acoustic requirements in some blocks, the glazing specification meant a doubling in the weight of glass in the windows. As a result some of the glazed sliding doors weighed over a quarter tonne! This meant rolling gear being reinforced in order to cope and maintain performance standards.

Acoustic challenge

In order to maximise use of available land, blocks of apartments were built very close to main roads. This presented Broxwood with particular challenges when it came to supplying bedroom windows which would meet sound regulations… and ensure future residents got a good night’s sleep!

To meet this challenge, Broxwood worked with Bradford-based acoustics specialists Rod Lane Associates, who were part of Artisan’s design team. Rod Lane takes up the story:

‘In some cases, the apartments have been built within 5m of a main road, where the traffic generates a sound level of 70dB(A). Normally we would expect a level of 60dB(A), so that extra 10dB(A) created quite a problem, especially when exposed bedroom windows would have to meet a performance standard of 30dB(A). We solved the problem – and met the regulations – by developing a timber window with Broxwood, incorporating, among other elements, acoustic glazing, a special acoustic coating and a wider-than-average gap between glazing sheets. This kind of heavy construction is normally something we would specify for an industrial situation, which gives some idea of the challenges we faced!’

Broxwood’s success on the first pahse of the project was followed with the award of the contract to supply windows for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project,  resulting in the supply in excess of a further 825 plus windows.

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