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Mrs Marks is certain that divine inspiration was at play when she and her husband started the search for their new home. Having decided to move north, the couple had been looking in and around the Glasgow area but ended up taking on a stunning new-build in the heart of Scotland.

One particularly dreich day, following an internet lead, the Marks’ search took them up into the Perthshire hills. The rain poured and the clouds seemed to descend all around with a damp murkiness… not an ideal day for house hunting!

As they neared the top of the hill and their destination, the grey skies parted unexpectedly. As the sun burst through the surrounding countryside was bathed in warm, bright light. It was at that very moment that the wow factor hit and the couple knew that their search had ended.

Mrs Marks explains: “There before us lay old farm cottages in complete and utter ruin… not much of a new home, but we just fell in love. The view was breathtaking. The location felt right. This was home.”

Mr Marks began negotiations with the local architect and builder and, having made a secret shake on the deal, four days later surprised his wife with the birthday present of a lifetime… the architectural plans for their new house!

Despite being a new build, the Marks’ home has a time-honoured feel to it. The architect’s sustainable approach ensured the reuse of the stone from the ruined cottages: a talented stone mason was specially brought over from the Isle of Skye to help build the walls in his unique and eye-catching style. The natural appeal of the stone is enhanced by the use of sustainable timber windows, doors and cladding. Finally, the use of solar panels helps increase the eco-friendly credentials of this beautiful house.

The bespoke timber windows certainly add to the traditional feel of the property but deliver excellent energy efficiency and comfort. Mrs Marks comments: “We are absolutely delighted with Broxwood’s windows and doors. This is an exposed site on a hillside so we needed maximum protection from the elements. When we do get high winds, the louder the gales howl, the tighter the seals jam shut leaving us cosy and secure indoors. We are also particularly pleased with our feature dining kitchen and sunroom. The stunning gable-end glazing brings in so much light and enables us to fully enjoy the stunning scenery and varied Scottish wildlife throughout the year.”

Today, there is certainly a very welcoming, family atmosphere here. It is clear that the Marks family just love this house… and it is easy to see why!  This property is at home in its countryside location and, with clear blue skies and the sun sparkling, the view is truly divine.

Project team

Architect: Ian Douglas
Builder:   Phil Parker
Timber Windows & Doors:  Broxwood Ltd

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